Monday, 13 April 2009

Spooky Prophecy Theories

In Doctor Who, it seems an episode isn't complete without a spooky prophecy linking in to future episodes. Saturday's Planet of the Dead was no exception either, with Carmen telling the Doctor three chilling warnings:

"Your song is ending, sir."
"It is returning through the darkness."
"He will knock four times."

So what could all these mean? Firstly, we know the Doctor's song is ending because over Christmas/New Year the 10th Doctor will regenerate as David Tennant steps down from the role to introduce Matt Smith as the 11th incarnation of our favourite TimeLord.

As for the second point, there are plenty of theories. Maybe it could be the return of Davros, or perhaps Gallifrey? This is the part I'm not sure of. However, the third point I'm absolutely positive is relating to the Master. Remember his infectious 'duh duh duh duh' of the drums? Also, some have said it could be the mysterious Midnight entity which was never revealed as it tapped on the doors of the spaceship the Doctor was travelling on... Others believe it could be Wilf knocking on the TARDIS doors...

What do you think? Feel free to post your thoughts.


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great! I love this sort of thing.

Terri Savage said...

Well, the obvious guess about the mysterious four knocks would be the Master's sound of drums, I think. But would the fruit in this case be hanging quite so low?

Honestly? This fangirl hasn't a clue..

Miss Gallifrey said...

The knocking one I'm positive as being the Master, but the rest are slightly less obvious.

Franaka said...

its the master...he will return from the darkness....darkness is always described by torchwood and doctor who as being dark, theres nothing but darkness, the master didnt regenerate at the end of seriesd 3 so he dies...into to dark place where he will return