Saturday, 13 March 2010

Oh Mother!

Seeing as it's Mother's Day tomorrow for everybody in the UK, I thought I'd do a special post involving the mothers of Doctor Who. Every companion comes with a mother and not all of them (well, hardly any of them actually!) always like the Doctor. Here are the three examples from the new series...

Jackie Tyler
The mother of Rose, Jackie Tyler certainly isn't one to be quiet... She loves a good old cup of tea and originally called the Doctor a 'strange man in her bedroom!' Despite her ditziness and loud-mouthed nature, Jackie is loveable and was a firm favourite with fans.

Francine Jones
Francine is Martha Jones' mother and she certainly didn't approve of the Doctor at first. She knew he was dangerous and eventually got involved with Harry Saxon (the Master) who warned her of the dangers... She also slapped the Doctor and was imprisoned on the Master's ship.

Sylvia Noble
Donna's mother was Sylvia Noble and she was seen as a bit of a nagger, constantly hassling Donna to get a job. She didn't really approve when her daughter started travelling with the Doctor but did show her heroic side when she eventually saved her father Wilf by smashing a car windscreen with a hammer!

So there are the mothers, but who is your favourite? Do you even have a favourite? Please feel free to share your views as they're greatly appreciated.

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Will said...

I really like Jackie! She was the original, and the best! Plus, you forgot Sarah Jane - she's a mother to Luke, remember? :)