Tuesday, 30 March 2010

SPOILERS: Series Five Episode Guide

Steven Moffat, the show's new headrunner, has revealed an exclusive episode in today's issue of the Radio Times and I've typed up every detail for you to read here. If you are going to copy and use it for your own website please credit The Oncoming Storm because this was very time consuming! Beware of spoilers, too!

Episode One - The Eleventh Hour

Writer: Steven Moffat

Synopsis: Geronimo! A brand new Doctor crashing to Earth. New face, new body, new man And he's barely staggered out of the blue box, before he's found himself in the middle of the Crisis That Just Won't Stop! No time to rest and recover, no TARDIS, no screwdriver - just six billion human beings about to die and only one man to save them. But the new Doctor encounters more than danger - this is the day he meets Amy Pond. Can he persuade her to trust him, when he's been letting her down all her life?

Quote: "Who da man?"

Episode Two - The Beast Below

Writer: Steven Moffat

Synopsis: The Doctor takes Amy to the far future, and Starship UK. The British people, adrift among the stars on a giant spaceship, in search of a new home. But there are secrets here, in the rusting corridors and clanging hallways. A masked figure, who knows the Doctor of old, begs his help, while Amy encounters the terrifying Smilers and uncovers a secret so dreadful, no one can remember it...

Quote: "Nobody talk to me! Nobody human has anything to say to me today!"

Episode Three - Victory of the Daleks

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Synopsis: From the terrifying future of the United Kingdom to one of the darkest chapters of its past - World War Two. The Doctor and Amy find themselves in a top secret cabinet war room deep beneath the London streets. And there, gliding among the nicotine walls and Bakelite telephones, the Daleks are hatching their deadliest scheme yet. Only one man can help the Doctor - but whose side is Winston Churchill on?

Quote: "I wanted to know what their plan was. I was their plan!"

Episode Four - The Time of Angels; Episode Five - Flesh and Stone

Writer: Steven Moffat

Synopsis: A two part story. A crashed spaceship, a shattered temple and a terrifying climb through the maze of the dead - River Song is back in the Doctor's life and she's brought more trouble than even he can handle. The last of the Weeping Angels is loose in the ruins of Alfava Metraxis, and the Doctor is recruited to track it down. "Don't blink!" everyone tells Amy - but as Amy is about to discover, not blinking might just be the worst thing you can do...

Quote: "Is River Song your wife?"

Episode Six - Vampires in Venice

Writer: Toby Whithouse

Synopsis: In Venice, even danger is beautiful. The House of Calvierri has the whole city under its protection, but something is very wrong. There are blood-drained corpses in the street, something lurks in the canal, and the Calvierri girls are the loveliest in town, except when you glance in the mirror...

Quote: "You know what's dangerous about you? Not that you ask people to take risks, but that you make them want to impress you!"

Episode Seven - Amy's Choice

Writer: Simon Nye

Synopsis: It's been five long years since Amy travelled in the TARDIS with her mysterious Doctor - and when he shows up again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, danger is not far behind him. Amy is faced with a heartbreaking choice that will change her life forever.

Quote: "I know who you are. There's only one person in the universe who hates me as much as you do."

Episodes Eight and Nine TBC

Writer: Chris Chibnall

Synopsis: In 2015, the most ambitious drilling project in history is under way. Dr Nasreen Chaudhry and her team have reached 21 kilometres into the Earth's crust - but something is stirring far below. Amy Pond discovers there's nowhere to run when you can't even trust the ground at your feet.

Quote: "While you've been drilling down... something else has been drilling up."

Episode Ten TBC

Writer: Richard Curtis

Synopsis: Terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence, but only a sad and lonely painter can see it. Amy Pond finds herself shoulder to shoulder with Vincent van Gogh, in a battle with a deadly alien - saving the world has never been so ginger! But can even the Doctor save Vincent?

Quote: "Art can wait, this is life and death. We need to talk to Vincent van Gogh!"

Episode Eleven TBC

Writer: Gareth Roberts

Synopsis: The Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet - a flat share! People are disappearing on Aickman Road, and the Doctor must solve the mystery of a staircase that people walk up - but never down.

Quote: "All I have to do is pass as an ordinary human being. What could possibly go wrong?"

Episodes Twelve and Thirteen TBC

Writer: Steven Moffat

Synopsis: A message on the oldest cliff-face in the universe, a puzzle box opening from the inside and a love that lasts thousands of years... The Fates are drawing close around the TARDIS - is this the day the Doctor falls?

Quote: "There was a goblin. Or a trickster, or a warrior. A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. Nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it - one day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world."


Anonymous said...

The quote from episodes 12 and 13 sounds like it could be a myth about the Doctor from the point of view of those who hate him.

Probably isn't but just a thought...

Becky said...

That's certainly a possibility - reading it through again it would apply to him!

Will said...

I can't wait for all of these episodes! They sound amazing!! :D

charlotte said...

i've just looked up the Fates on wikipedia and i found this:

A supposed epithet Zeus Moiragetes, meaning "Zeus Leader of the Moirae" was inferred by Pausanias from an inscription he saw in the second century AD at Olympia: "As you go to the starting-point for the chariot-race there is an altar with an inscription to the Bringer of Fate.[2] This is plainly a surname of Zeus, who knows the affairs of men, all that the Fates give them, and all that is not destined for them."[3] At the Temple of Zeus at Megara, Pausanias inferred from the relief sculptures he saw "Above the head of Zeus are the Horai and Moirae, and all may see that he is the only god obeyed by Moira."

referring to the oldest cliff face?

and the three fates roman names tranlated were ninth, tenth and death. does this mean regenerations?

as for great love this could be talking about zeus, who was father of the Fates, and their mother: either Ananke or Themis (he had the most children with themis suggesting undying love?)

sorry for all of that lol.