Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rumours: The Doctor becomes a Lodger? (SPOILERS)

According to the Daily Star, episode eleven of the new series will be called 'The Lodger' and has been written by Gareth Roberts. They say that the Doctor sets the co-ordinates in the TARDIS to go into the future and the ship somehow ends up leaving him behind with Amy Pond travelling on her own!

In the mean time, the Doctor has to wait on Earth and ends up being a lodger of James Corden's character's flat. He ends up playing football with him, drinking in the pub and many other normal activities (filming pictures seem to confirm this.)

A programme insider has said, "“It’s going to be the funniest episode of the new series."

These are all rumours at the moment and hasn't been confirmed but the source is here. It's best not to believe in it all until it's shown on TV!


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