Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Baby Piper Arrives

Billie Piper, who is famous for her role as Rose Tyler, has given birth to her first child - a baby boy called Winston James Fox. The actress had the baby delivered by Caesarean Section at London's private Portland Hospital. Her husband, Laurence Fox, drove the star to the hospital and was present for the birth. Winston weighed just 6lb 11oz and after a 26 hour labour, Billie had to have a Caesarean at 1am today.

The-OncomingStorm would like to congratulate the couple on the birth and wish them a happy future with their son.


Will said...

Congratulations Billie! Lucky Laurence Fox, being married to Billie Piper! lol

Brad said...

Congratulations to Billie on the birth of the baby.