Wednesday, 29 October 2008

National Television Awards

The biggest television ceremony takes place tonight on ITV 1: The National Television Awards 2008. As usual, Doctor Who and all involved are up for plenty of nominations. The Doctor (David Tennant) takes on his companion (Catherine Tate) as both of them are nominated in the Outstanding Drama Perfomance category. Doctor Who itself is up for Most Popular Drama.

Lets hope they win, they certainly deserve it as Doctor Who has recently brought us 4 fantastic series as well as 3 Christmas specials including the likes of Kylie Minogue! Reaching ratings of 9 million each week, there is no doubt that Doctor Who is brilliantly popular. Without Doctor Who, many people's lives would not be the same, let's hope the work and effort involved is awarded tonight! You can see the ceremony at 8pm until 10pm; keep your fingers crossed!

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Jamie123 said...

Great Post and site! I hope Doctor Who wins tonight!