Thursday, 9 October 2008

What About Us?

As if he hasn't got enough to do, John Barrowman has gone and made another music video. The song, 'What About Us?' is from his brand new album called 'Music, Music Music' out on November 24th. The single is out on November 17th and I think it's quite catchy. What do you think?


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great Post! Great Song
Doctor Who Mad Online

adv said...

I think it's a really good song, but not sure about the video. Only the bits without the two men are the good bits! Great Post!

You review is up now on atts

Mandy said...

I love his new song lol, saw it on TV! :D Sites looking awesome! x

Logger said...

Have you guys seen this? an interview with Russell T Davies I found on the website called Sonic State. It's all about the sound FX and music they use on the series. it's really good and I can recommend watching it.