Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Weekly Site News

There really hasn't been any news around recently, so I thought I'd write a new Weekly Site News post which gives you a rough idea of what will be coming to the site. So here, we go...

  • TOCS Series - episode one of this is already out and episode 2 'Sheltered' will be out on Saturday 4th October.
  • Some changes to the sidebar will be made today so if it's messy, that's why.
  • The banner will be changing weekly from now on just to give the site a fresh look.
  • More pages are going to be added as time goes by so remember to take a look at those.
  • Via The Void will be out on October 13th, there will be a brand new website for it to be hosted on as well.
  • Every Monday after The Sarah Jane Adventures there will be a discussion to talk about the episode.

Remember to keep checking back, every day there are updates of some sort.


Mandy said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment! :D Can't wait to see whats to come on the site! x

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I have recently been taken in by the new TOCS series as the stories are fantastic. Beth Wright is a great character.

Am looking forward to more site updates.

I do check this site everyday, RECOMMENDED
Doctor Who Mad Online

Brad said...

Coool post!! This site is great.
The Doctor Who News Blog