Saturday, 7 June 2008


So, the second part of Steven Moffat's two parter called 'Forest of the Dead.' Just what did you think of it?

Was the plot unbelievably clever, or just darn confusing?

Sadly, we didn't actually find out who River Song is, but we know she knows his name.

Tell us your thoughts below!


Ellie said...

I thought this episode was great!! It was EXTREMELY confusing though!!

I was a bit annoyed it was still a little bit of a cliffhanger though... But, yeah, I liked it!

Anonymous said...

Great Episode. Although we Still Never Found Out Who Profewssor River Song Is But We Guess That It Is His Wife. She Whispered The Doctor's Name To Him And Even We Don't Know That

Anonymous said...

great e[ really liked it i like donna had a nice little life lol a happy ending the doctor never need open the tardis by hand again

crazy-doctor-who-08 said...

that episode was way confusing or maby i wasn't paying attention to it as my dad and my bro kept on walking into my room and talking.i wanted to find out who River Song was i was well disappointed.
it was great to see that Donna had her own life.i thought she was good as a mother.
at the end of the episode my bro said to me that this series has been crap so far i said to him waite till episodes 10,11,12 and 13 that's when it all kicks off.

Robit said...

I thougth it was a brilliant Episode
I Would Give It 10/10
1.River Song Did not say who She Really Was i was dissapointed.
2.Donna Having A Husband And Two Kids Was brilliant.
Pritty Much I Really Liked This Episode.

Anonymous said...

I Loved This Episode It Was Fantastic donna having a husband again LOL

Doctor fan said...

I loved this episode to donna was like she was in a different world

Anonymous said...

This episode were well confusin i propa didnt get it!!! Who is professor river song? What is the library? Who is that fella wiv da stammer?

Samantha [The Random One] said...

Being me, I have to be different, but I honestly do mean this when I say that I have never hated someone with every inch of my being before. Well now I do. *grrr* I could kill Moffat right now. He used to be one of my favourites but now he's worse than Chibnall... he only left for a better writing job, so who can really blame him, but Moffat. Oh, I could really hurt him.

Erm, this may just be because my mind works in odd ways, but the whole story made sense. Well, after a few bits and peices were explained.

Overall, 2/10. And its only getting a two because a. I love the whole skull in a suit thing and b. I LOVE the snapping to open the TARDIS... but it strangely reminds me of Adam! Have to love Nine... anyway, this is straying from the whoe point now and I've had a long day... FlugTag took up most of the day [woo team TARBIS - Time And Red Bull In Space] and I just finished watching Doctor Who on iPlayer a few minutes ago and it's now 12.40 so me thinks I should be gettingoff to bed... might watch Todd first [woo I now have Todd on DVD]... God, I'm bad at straying from the point ... started off hating Moffat, then I got to Chibnall leaving, then my mind being strange, then a few reminders of Nine, then onto FlugTag [which supprising *does* still tie in with Doctor Who], then about me owning Todd on DVD and now onto this. Blimey... it'lucky these comments do not have a character limit or I would have been screwed a long time ago... or maybe it's unlucking that it doesn't have a character limit because you've now had to listen [? Not sure how you can *listen* to text, but, yeah...] to me babbling on all this time.

So I'm going now,

Samantha x

Samantha [The Random One] said...

Btw, [haha I'm back [well I never really left, but, yeah...]] what is with the whole people called Donna naming their kids Ella.

My mum is called Donna and my little sister is called Ella. Ella's nursery teacher is called Donna and her daughter is called Ella... now Donna from Doctor Who had a daughter called Ella!! Blimy, I know she said the world was repetitive... but blimey!

Samantha x

sophie said...

ooo it wass goood....i still hate the fact that we still dont know who river song is though