Saturday, 28 June 2008

Episode Discussion


What did you think of that episode? I thought it was amazing!


Steve said...

OMGOMGOMG, Im so excited and upset,I couldnt believe it when The Doctor got exterminated :( When he ran to Rose I KNEW that something would happen, Rose looked like she was upset when she wasnt choosen on that talking laptop thing :( 10/10

Doctorwho-Central said...



That episode was just so amazing. I swear, it was fantastic!

Will the Doctor really re-generate?? Who knows!

crazy-doctor-who-08 said...

oh no he's regenerating i can't believe it!I loved the entire episode it's one of my favorite,along with Utopia.y did the Daleks have to shoot The Doctor just as he was about to be reunited with Rose?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. Like oh my god. The most amazing episode of Dr Who ever. I cried, I laughed and of course I screamed. Fantastic.

What I dont get is why SJ didn't just plugh into those Daleks. Surely if they get knocked over its damn near impossible for them to right themselves!

But it was so great with all the companions and Harriet Jones. (And the catchphrase, even the Daleks knew who she was, now that when you know you're famous)

Brilliant. But the Doctor regenerating. How? Who? When? Why? Where? --- remind you of Maths a bit Bex lol :P

I'd like to hear your views. On here or on Monday Lol see you

thedoctorwho07 said...

DAVROS IS BACK!!!! And, god, how scary did he look! That was the best episode since the 2005 revival! Definitely!

Anonymous said...

The doctor will not regenerate, or if he does it will be reversed, cos what about River Song? It will create a massive time paradox and upset the web of time and all that good stuff!

charlotte said...

don't u think davros looked like emperor palpatine?

donna heard the drums!

maybe the time beetle in turn left was to make fans steer away from the idea she could have a metabelis 3 spider on her back.

the doctor can't regenerate as david tennant is in the xmas special and series 5 so maybe he does something similar to jenny!

i reckon sjs will be saved by mickey and co! the website says there will be a trailer tomoz at 1pm!!!!!

GMasterH said...

Why did Davros create a Supreme Dalek? In almost all of the old stories the Supreme Dalek has been leading the rebel daleks against Davros so why has he built a new one? Why is he not on the Crucible doing his won dirty work for a change? He always said that HE would be the one to lead them to victory, so why isn't he leading!?