Sunday, 15 June 2008


Was anyone else screaming, "TURN AROUND!!!" when Rose appeared on the screen yesterday? I was so annoyed but surprised at the same time. Anyway, back on the subject in hand, there hasn't been much news today, so I updated the site. There is:

- A brand new poll
- The results for the old poll
- Quotes from 'The End of the World'
- Issue 3 of Via The Void

About Via The Void, I won't be able to update tomorrow because of various pieces of school work *sighs* so I had to upload it today. Please give your thoughts! You can see the issue here! You have to click on the pictures a few times to enlarge them. Some of the last pages have gone in a weird order, but they're still readable. Enjoy.

I also managed to capture another picture of the bug thing. What do you think?

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