Tuesday, 17 June 2008

New DVD Cover

The brand new cover for the S4 Volume 3 boxset has been released, and there it is above. Nice, eh?

Also, here's a summary of some memorable quotes from Radio Times, which I bought today:

"Just wait till you see his face (the Doctor) when he claps eyes on her again (Rose). She was always very special to him, but I don't think he realises how much until he learns of her return."

"That conversation on Bad Wolf Bay has yet to be resolved, but it's by no means forgotten."

(RTD on Donna's 'defining scene') : "For me, it's in this weeks episode, Turn Left, when Donna returns to the circle of mirrors. It's the most blazing performance from Catherine, so full of fear and hope and bravery. It's just about my favourite performance in anything I've ever done. Even then, it's small fry compared to what she does in the final episode..."

Interesting... also, I've added a new page called The Doctor's Adventures, and I'm working on some Merchandise, Bad Wolf, Torchwood and Mr Saxon pages. All coming soon...

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