Sunday, 8 June 2008

Via The Void Update

OK, so I've added the old issues of VTV onto the Gallery, but I'm definitely not adding it next time because it messes up the order completely. Next time, I'll add them as a post. Anyway, above is the cover for Via The Void issue 3 which will be out on Monday 16th June. It will be better than ever, with a great layout and more new fantastic features.
The features which issue 2 said will be included in issue 3 may not be true, I've changed the plan of issue 3 instead. Here's what it's going to include:
  • Interview with Robbins, the owner of crazy-doctor-who-08
  • Quick Fire Questions with DoctorWhoMadOnline
  • Series 4 episode 1-9 reviews
  • 'Life with the Doctor' NEW FEATURE
  • Special Rose Tyler feature
  • Finale speculation

Issue 3 is out on Monday 16th May.

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samantha [the random one] said...

Woo! Can't wait to see the new issue!!

Samnatha x