Saturday, 14 June 2008


So, episode 10 'Midnight' has just been shown, but did you enjoy this Donna-lite episode? Not only was the episode fab, but there was a great next-time trailer, including the one and only, Rose!! You can see the trailer over on the right. In the mean time, get discussing!

OK, so the trailer looked very interesting, but just what did we find out?
  • The Doctor is "dead." He is seen covered up and his screwdriver rolls out of his hand.
  • Donna says, "How can anything be worse than this?" This implies things are pretty bad.
  • Rose runs saying, "What happened, what did they find?"
  • Wilf says that the stars are going out.
  • A strange noise is heard and something seems to be approaching Donna. (a spider?)
  • A woman says to Donna, "there is something on your back!" Donna is then seen looking in a mirror, panicking.
  • Donna is being ordered to turn around and show her back. When she does, the UNIT officer looks a bit shocked.
  • Rose said, "I've been pulled across from another universe because every single universe is in danger."
  • Rose said to someone (possibly Donna) "None of this was meant to happen, you're gonna die."
  • An explosion is seen, perhaps to do with UNIT or the enemies (Daleks/Davros)
  • Donna is then surrounded by bright lights perhaps to try and discover what is on her back.


Charlie said...

OH MY GODD. it was amazing. I like the allons-y bit HA HAA.
HES GONNA DIE!?? ohh. But I liked him. he was sexy. I miss him. : ( Oh, i'll have to wait.

Anonymous said...

Great Episode. Love The Way Everything Is Repeated. My Favourite Parts Of The Episode Was:
When ROSE Appeared On The Screen And The Doctor Didn't Notice
And Best Of All:
The Next time Trailer

crazy-doctor-who-08 said...

Best episode of the new series so far.when Rose came on the screen i was shouting to the T.V "DOCTOR!TURN AROUND!"at least this time i spotted her.In The Poison Sky i had to watch it 3 times until i spotted her.
Can't waite for next weeks it looks cool.

Sophie said...

Wow...Wicked Epi...Nd I Think Your Spider Theory Was Right :D

Samantha [The Random One] said...

Will it really be ANOTHER giant spider?! I mean hello been there done that with Sarah Jane ... get a new plot! *shakes head with dissapointment in writers*

*Then applauds writers for a great episode!*

* Jethro [Really Fit XD]
* Allons-y
* Rose on the screen
* "Some products may contain nuts", "That'll be the peanuts then!?"
* The whole episode!

AND... the next time trailer *squee* So what's up with the "Dead" Doctor. He can't actually be dead because:

a. He would have regenerated not died [Time Lords have 13 lives not 10!]
b. He must be alive again at some point after them finding him dead because in the trailer Donna says, 'But Rose is coming back. That's good right?' and the Doctor replies with 'Yeah.' [or something along those lines anyway] So he must be back to know about Rose.
c. David Tennant has already confirmed that he would do the three episodes next year... so it must still be him playing the Doctor so he hasn't died!

[There is some more reasons but I can't be bothered to go on as it is currently 2.50 in the morning!!]

Samantha x