Wednesday, 18 June 2008

New Turn Left Video

A brand new Turn Left video has been revealed and here are some screencaps. Sorry for the poor quality, the video wasn't very good. There's a basic guide to what happens as well.

It begins with a group of people and Donna running towards them. Police are saying, "Stay back."

The police then say, "Keep away from the river."

Donna walks behind a UNIT vehicle and listens to an officer having a conversation via walkie talkie.

The man says, "There's evidence to say he stopped the creature. Some sort of red spider (Racnoss!) He then says about the Doctor "flooding the whole thing." It seems like this is a repeat or flashback of when the Doctor flooded out the Racnoss.

They talk about the body, saying he "didn't make it out in time." An arm then appears from under the body bag and it appears to be the Doctor's. He drops the sonic screwdriver on the floor.

The UNIT officer says, "The Doctor is dead. Must have happened too fast for him to regenrate." (It seems they may know about his TimeLord abilities)

The officer tells the ambulance drivers to transport the body back to the UNIT base. (Rose will probably be there and see the Doctor)

It then shows Donna walking away, she looks disturbed.

This whole scene looks like it takes place where we first saw Rose during 'Partners in Crime,' but just what is going on?

The BBC have also updated their website, look there now for exclusive Turn Left goodies.

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