Sunday, 23 November 2008

45th Anniversary

It takes a lot to be named Longest Running Sci Fi Programme, but Doctor Who certainly deserves it. Today is the 45th Anniversary of the show, which just proves that it is incredibly popular as it has the staying power of nearly half a century.

Back in 1963, William Hartnell burst onto our screens as an old man from Gallifrey known as the Doctor. Little did the audience know that, over time, this man would become a legend and change his face several times to become the incarnation he is now, David Tennant.

Over the years, the Doctor and his companions have travelled to hundreds of planets, faced the Daleks over and over again and had the time of their lives. And he's still going strong in 2008.

Doctor Who's popularity is so high that every week millions of viewers tune in to see what will happen to our favourite Time Lord. The show is even broadcasting in other countries, like Australia and America. Merchandise flies off the shelf each Christmas, and no matter how many times they are on, the Whovians always watch the re-runs continuously and never get bored.

Let's just hope Doctor Who can last another 45 years into the future, and maybe even make one hundred.

What's been your favourite Doctor Who moment? Tell us here!


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great post Bex, I will be watching an Unearthly Child to celebrate at 5:15pm today, which is when it first started.

Doctor Who Mad Online

Blogger Woman said...

Great post! Whoo!
Blogger Woman (Hannah)
The Bad Wolf TV

Brad said...

My faviroute Who moment has to be the Adidpose being beamed up

Whovian Galaxy

charlotte said...

my favourite moment would have to be in the very first dalek story when the pacifist thals turn up at the end to help the doctor, susan, ian and barbera defeat the daleks (i just love all those 'in come the cavalry' moments)or in fact any story with the thals they're just brilliant allies (the thals were a faction of the people who fought against the kaleds on skaro who later became the daleks).