Monday, 17 November 2008

Boxset and Soundtrack Releases

Today is the 17th November, which means The Complete Fourth Series boxset is released! The boxset contains all 13 Series 4 episodes, as well as the Christmas Special 'Voyage of the Damned,' the Children in Need special 'Time Crash' and the Proms mini-episode 'Music of the Spheres.' That's not all, as they are many special features, including David Tennant's video diary and much more.

The boxset will have many different versions, HMV are doing their own special covers. The boxset has a RRP of £69.99 - will you be buying it or waiting for Christmas?

Also, the Series 4 Soundtrack is now available at a price of £9.99. Will you be getting this?


Patar said...

great! i wanna get it

Will said...

I've got the soundtrack!!!

adv said...

I've got both, and they're great!!!!

adventures through time and space

Zobles said...

Iv got the boxset and I love it, and I will be getting the soundtrack soon.