Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Deleted Scenes

On the Series 4 Boxset there are plenty of Special features, including some Deleted Scenes which can be seen below...

Journey's End - Growing a TARDIS

Journey's End - Donna Hears The TARDIS Leaving

Geoff Noble's Scenes


Anonymous said...

Just a note to say how fantastic Howard was.... that last seen where he see's donna is truely lovely, it puts a smile on you're face doesn't it?

i think he was brilliant as the part of Geoff, shame he isn't with us today.

adv said...

Fantastic Scenes and Posts. I couldn't help watching all of these on Monday!

adventures through time and space

GMasterH said...

I hate fan eddited material!

TOCS said...

They're not, they are the scenes from the Box Set which were deleted.

Zobles said...

Those deleted scenes are brill!