Friday, 7 November 2008

Are You My Grandaddy?

The next Doctor Who could be a Grandad if the show’s new boss gets his way. Steven Moffat thinks his ideal Time Lord would be over 40 and more like a grandfather than a young actor.

Speculation over who the new Doctor will be has intensified since David Tennant revealed that he is quitting after filming next year’s four specials.

Moffat — who will take over from Russell T Davies — said: “Although I loved Peter Davison and Paul McGann, probably the best two actors in the role, I don’t think young, dashing Doctors are right at all. He should be 40-plus and weird-looking — the kind of wacky grandfather kids know on sight to be secretly one of them.”

Veteran TV writer Moffat, 47, told the show’s magazine in 1999 that the best actor to play the role would already be famous, adding: “Any actor with the ‘right stuff’ is unlikely to be a complete unknown.”

What do you think of this? Do you prefer the William Hartnell sort of Doctor to the David Tennant sort of Doctor? Thanks to Planet Gallifrey and The Sun for the news.


Zobles said...

Grr what the hell is Moffat doing! We want young Doctor's.

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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I prefer a Doctor of about David's age but an older Doctor reminds me of the first Doctor (William Hartnell)
Doctor Who Mad Online

Will said...

Steven Moffat has got it all wrong. He thinks he knows what 'the kids' want, but he really doesn't. The man's an idiot! An old Doctor, whatever next? What a muppet...

Sorry, rant over. :)


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charlotte said...

the whole point of regeneration is that the doctor is supposed to get younger!
oh and btw he can only regenerate 12 times and have 13 incarnations.

Voscarian Child said...

Maybe this is why David is leaving, although he says he likes Steven Moffat, he knows Steven would much prefer the old William Hartnell character, save all those running scenes for a start. Nah, I think having a younger star like David is better, if you get some old fuddy duddy (sorry if any fuddy duddy's reading this) then how many scenes can you write for them in their capacity as being old and slow. I mean Derek Jacobi was good as the Master but did he honestly do much in that scene, did he run? Did he do magic with the laser screwdriver? No, that was left to someone like John Simm. Ok I know we have Sarah Jane but unless the actor has been keeping herself fit and active then I hardly think any child will look to someone who is grandfather material as the Doctor.