Sunday, 9 November 2008

Final Scene Written

Russell T Davies has revealed that he has written David Tennant's final words in his highly anticipated regeneration scene, and that only he, Benjamin Cook (whom he wrote The Writer's Tale with) and Julie Gardener have read it.

At the National Film Theatre on Friday, he said that the regeneration will be "slightly different, but similar." It also emerged that David Tennant's decision to leave was made during 2006 while filming 'The Runaway Bride' and that Russell T Davies will have no part in deciding who will play the 11th Doctor.

Thanks to WhovianNet for the information!


Voscarian Child said...

the 10th Doctor's final last words could be in the face of perhaps a Dalek or something equally as bad. "Oh Crikey!" obviously cannot print what I was thinking of as this is a family show. Or perhaps he might say.
"It was fun wasn't it?' Likely a quote from one of the other episodes. The usual tag lines that come from the 10th Doctor. What does anyone else think?

Zobles said...

Cool, I wonder what happens!

Voscarian Child said...

Or it could be 'What?'