Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Next Doctor Preview

Below is the amazing 2 minute preview of this year's Christmas Special, "The Next Doctor:"

What do you think?


Combom said...

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Anonymous said...

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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great Post and great trailer
Doctor Who Mad Online

TenxxJack said...

he so isn't the doctor!!

Wouldn't Morrisey's doctor recognise ten as his past self??

Blogger Woman said...

I think Morrisey didn't have time to recognise him as he was too busy with the Cybershade. But a few months ago a picture was released showing Morrisey recognising him. They will know each other at some point.
Blogger Woman

Will said...

Morrisey said in an interview that he WASN'T the Next Doctor, so either he's lying or he isn't Doctor 11. I think he isn't.

Blogger Woman said...

Maybe Morrisey dies at the end and regenerates into someone who will be Dr 11?

Zobles said...

Great post, I loved this preview.