Saturday, 8 November 2008

Dr Moon to Dr Who?

BBC bosses are in talks to sign actor Colin Salmon to be the first black Doctor, according to The Sun newspaper. They want the James Bond star to take over when David Tennant, 37, leaves in 2009.

Colin, 45, appeared as character Dr Moon this year — but is best known as M’s assistant in three 007 films. He was tipped to land the Bond role before it went to Daniel Craig.

A BBC source said: “He made a good impression when he appeared and bosses think the time is right to have the first black Doctor.”

What do you think of this? (No racist comments please or they WILL be deleted straight away.)


duckman said...

i dont see the bid deal on having a 'black' dr. everyone is still human, we just have different skin colours so a black dr shouldnt even make a differnce

Owner said...

I completely agree. However, I think it would be strange having a Doctor who already appeared in Doctor Who before.

Voscarian Child said...

You know thinking about that, I guess it would make a change to see a black Doctor and Colin Salmon is a great looking guy and what a cool voice he has. He has one of those voices like David's and Richard Burton and there is someone else, forgotten, gah, off the beaten track here. Yeah, but there is that question of him being in the show before so not sure how Doctor Moon could be Doctor Who, unless the Doctor perhaps liked the look of him and cloned himself, or became like the Master and took the body of him. No this is getting too technical. But then I guess Doctor Moon was only an image of a computer child, so yeah, it could be possible.
What does everyone else think?

That aside, if Colin doesn't get in, then I still would like to see Brian from MPAA as the new Doctor as he is older than David, not sure how much older, but defo older.

Zobles said...

I dont want him as the Doc.