Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Children of Earth Delay

The Torchwood 5-part special is set to be delayed until Summer 2009 rather than the originally planned Spring 2009 date. This is because BBC America are planning to show the special at the same time as BBC One. So this is how things are looking for us:

Easter 2009
Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead

Summer 2009
Torchwood - Children of Earth

Late 2009
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3

Looks like 2009 isn't as bad as it seems!


Steve said...

That sounds good, would prefer Doctor Who :(

Dan said...

agh no way...i mean yeah ok we got a few things coming up but TORCHWOOD put back =( was looking forward to that this spring *cries* oh well will have to deal with my withdrawel symptoms a bit longer hahahaha

GMasterH said...

How dare you! TORCHWOOD should be torched! The only good ones are if someone dies or the cyberwoman wreaks havok.

Miss Gallifrey said...

I don't watch Torchwood, so I can't really say I'm a fan or not. But I am DEFNITELY a fan of Doctor Who and SJA. Nice post :D

Miss Gallifrey
The Bad Wolf TV