Sunday, 18 January 2009

Michelle Ryan - Next Companion?

Well the media are at it again, this time Michelle Ryan is supposedly going to be the next companion. Famous for her roles in Eastenders, Merlin and The Bionic Woman, Michelle Ryan would be a well known face beside Matt Smith, who has been called an "unknown."

The Daily Mirror has said, "A source on the show said Michelle's been in secret talks with BBC bosses. They are likely to announce her as the Doctor's new assistant very soon. She is perfect for the role. She is goodlooking and the right age to star alongside Matt. Everyone agrees they look great together and reckon fans will think they're the perfect team too."

This is all rumours at the moment but she seems a good choice for the companion. Thanks to Life, Doctor Who and Combom for the info! Also, don't forget Doctor Who filming for the Specials begins tomorrow, January 19th! If you have any reports of filming, feel free to send an email.


Combom said...

:) thanx for the credit :)

Miss Gallifrey said...

She is definitely good for the role!

Miss Gallifrey
The Bad Wolf TV