Sunday, 11 January 2009


Yay! The website series, which has been going on for aggges, (to read the stories, go to the bottom of this page) is being made into a MDWM Independent Series! The stories will be coming to you in 4 volumes and will all have proper front covers! I'm very excited about this, more news will be posted as the time comes nearer. Congratulations to Will and Seb also, whose amazing stories will also be made into a Series by MDWM.

In other news, this is the Companions and Allies book which will feature information on all the Doctor's greatest friends. It will be out to buy on May 28th at a RRP of £7.99.


Will said...

Yayyy! Well done! Our series too! Am excited about both! Yayyy!

Steve said...

Well done guys! Thats a really good achievment!

Seb said...

Yayyyy too! I wonder what they'll all look like