Sunday, 4 January 2009

Questions! So Many Questions!

So the reveal of the next Doctor has caused all sorts of craziness but there are some questions we need answered! Thanks to Combom for the inspiration in this post!

- What will Doctor 11's personality be like? Crazy? Serious?
- What will he wear?
- Who will his companion be?
- How will Doctor 10 regenerate?
- Where will it happen?
- What will his last words be?
- What will Doctor 11's first words be?
- Is the TARDIS desktop theme/theme tune really changing, like rumours have implied?

Well there you go, think you can answer any?


Gallifrey-Online said...

I'd like the 11th Doctor companion to be Captain Jack.We haven't had him as a companion for a whole series.Officially he's been in 9 Doctor Who episodes.

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I don't know who will be the eleventh Doctor's companion, but I would really like Rose to be there when David regenerates and back as a full time assistant as she was absolutely brilliant! Also, Matt has done work with Billie before in three films and television shows, so they would make a great time. Bring Back Billie! :)

Mr Timelord Galifrey said...

I would like Astrid Peth Back we need more info about her ps.Hope they dont chane the tardis Theme

adv said...

I think that the new Doctor would not suit the current Tardis desktop theme. Possibly, for him, a new darker, more modern one?

charlotte said...

if the new doctor is gonna be a bit dark and they are changing the 'desktop theme' then they should bring the roof down a bit to create an effect of claustrophobia.

Steve said...

I really hope hs is a Doctor that is better than the 9th!

Steve said...

I still dont think he will be right for the role =[