Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More Filming Pictures

Filming is still busily commencing in Cardiff, and more pictures have emerged online. Once again, thanks to Scooty and Planet Gallifrey. Fingers crossed I'll be able to see some filming on Sunday! Anyway, the pictures are below and they confirm UNIT's return. It all took place by a tunnel last night, the road had to be blocked off in order for the filming to happen safely. It seems no one has spotted David Tennant yet...


Smoking Skeleton.

It's UNIT!


Steve said...

WOW! Seriously can not wait :D

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I love U.N.I.T. I preffered the in the old series but ah, it's great to see the UN Intelligence Taskforce involved. :)

Doctor Who Mad Online

Brad said...

UNIT? Yay!

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