Saturday, 11 July 2009

Children of Earth Thoughts

So it's sadly all over: Children of Earth was concluded last night in the final episode of the five part story. Overall, I think it's been an amazing series: the story was strong and the acting was brilliant from (mostly) everyone involved. We never got a full glimpse of the 456, but they were still a sinister and very interesting alien.

What did you think of the story on the whole? You can leave a comment with your thoughts here.


Rhi said...

I think Children of Earth was really good, except for the finale. A lot of sites hinted that there would be a completely huge cliffhanger, so that's what I expected, but it wasn't huge. Another question I'm asking is how can there be a series 4 from where series 3 has left off? Anyway, Gwen was amazing in CoE, and R.I.P Ianto :(

The Bad Wolf TV

PS. Don't hate me, but my favourite characters were Gwen and Johnson :)

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I loved it, best thing ever! But I doubt there will be a new series, as there is no Torchwood now.

thedoctorwho07 said...

Children of Earth was not a disappointment in any way at all for me. Marvellous acting as usual from John, Eve and Gareth and then more from Cush Jumbo (Lois Habiba - next TW member please RTD!) and Katy Wix (Rhiannon Davies, Ianto's sister).

By the way Dr Who Mad Online, Series 4 of Torchwood is being planned right now.
A fourth series commission depends on the success of Children of Earth, which got Torchwood's highest ever ratings.
Eve Myles said she would stay in TW for years.
John Barrowman said he happily stay in Torchwood for 20 years.
Russell T Davies said he would happily continue making Torchwood for 10 years.

A fourth series IS very likely, despite the ending of Children of Earth.

GMasterH said...

What I don't get is that when the Daleks invade EVERYONE tries calling the Doctor, but here does anyone even give him a text? NO! And if Luke was affected surely Sarah Jane would have called him. OR Mr Smith found a way to do it? Perhaps they did ring but he was busy on Mars. Who knows?

Arya said...

But Luke might not have been affected because he's not actually human, so maybe... but yeah, I think they added the mention about the Doctor because it would sound odd not to.

Seb said...

I thought it was brilliant! All the characters were great, Lois has to be in torchwood next series, and I think Johnson would be a pretty cool new member too, but I doubt she'll be in it. Poor Ianto, he died, shame. Jack will be back, obviously, but in the meantime I reckon Gwen will be in charge of Torchwood... yayyy! I'm glad that Torchwood hasn't forgotten the Whoniverse. It mentioned Colonel Mace and Martha, who is on her honeymoon with Tom, yay. I'm glad the Doctor or SJ didn't appear because that would have been silly...

Those were my thoughts, can't wait for series 4! :)

Will and Seb
Primeval Anomalies

Emma said...

i didn't like the ending that much... i wanted to see the rise of Torchwood again , but oh well.. Well series 4 won't be for a while as Eve's Pregnant but I still can't wait..

thedoctorwho07 said...

GMasterH, it is actually explained in the story, the effect of the 456's frequency only affects pre-pubescences and Luke is 15 (in his physicality not how long since he was 'born'). Therefore it is highly unlikely to happen to any of the SJA gang.

Another thing, GMasterH, you do have to sometimes consider the drama and writing. This is Torchwood (Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto's show) not Doctor Who (The Doctor's show). They couldn't have The Doctor involved because the storyline of Children of Earth is massively about the human race's first contact type of story. If the Doctor arrived, he would solve it in a second and the entire story would have been different.

Also, Arya, Luke IS human, but was grown instead of born.