Friday, 24 July 2009

Your Favourite Doctor Who Moment (So Far...)

Seeing as the news seems to be a bit limited at the moment (I don't want to be posting spoilers all the time) I was thinking of launching a topic to talk about, and I came up with Your Favourite Doctor Who Moment (So Far...)

Basically, all you have to do is submit your favourite moment from any Doctor Who episode so far. It can be new or old, with any Doctor or companion, anything at all really. It's fair to say there are plenty of things to choose from; there have been hundreds of fantastic episodes.

My personal favourite moment was when the 10th Doctor and Rose were reunited during The Stolen Earth. It brought tears to my eyes, and just seeing the looks on their faces was so upsetting... then when that stinking Dalek tried to exterminate him... I would have happily taken Jackie's gun and destroyed it by myself! Argh!

Anyway, leave your thoughts now!


Ro Lean said...

Ooh favourite moment without making this an essay lol :D There's sooo much to choose from ^^

Well for me it has to be the first moment we see Davros - what a fantastic return for an iconic character !!!! And Julian was/is amazing, taking over from the likes of Michael and Terry, now that is never an easy thing, to follow in footsteps left by talented actors :)

DW24U said...

I'd have to say my favourite moment was either the death of the DoctorDonna (SOOOOOO SAD!), Malcom's 'I LOVE YOU!' or the Second Doctor and Jamie's conversation - 'Look at the size of that thing, Doctor!' 'Yes Jamie, it certainly IS a big one!' LOL :P Great site BTW!

Please visit mine - we're trying to reach 20,000 hits! :P

Dan (DW24U) :D

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I had to think hard about this one but my favourite Doctor Who moment has to be the scene from Journey's End when everyone flys Earth back home. I think this scene works perfectly with the music and it is just fantastic.

Rhi said...

I can't decide! I have 2!

1.) Everyone reuniting at the beginning of 'The Stolen Earth'

2.) Meeting Christina at the beginning of 'Planet of the Dead'

Great idea by the way!

The Bad Wolf TV

Doctor Who Hideout said...

My favourite scene in Doctor Who has to be practically the whole first part of An Unearthly Child. Its just so magical seeing the Doctor and the Tardis for the first time ever. William Hartnell is amazing in this whole part and is a lot better then the likes of David Tennant.

Sylar said...

Mine would be when they are bringing the earth back to where it belongs in The Stolen Earth

UDW :)

Patar said...

hmm. My favourite moment has.. maybe could be at the start of partners in crime. I had a whole series to look forward to!

charlotte said...

mine would have to be the end of episode six of the 2nd doctor story the invasion. the cybermen walking down the steps by westminster cathedral after emerging from the sewers to take over with everyone apart from UNIT, international electromatics (Yes,the villians they brought back in series 2's parallel earth) , the doctor and his companions/friends.

it is a must see guys.

Anonymous said...

tennant is a rubish doctor who.

Will said...

Adric's death!

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