Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Awards Results

A few weeks ago, I first posted about The Oncoming Storm Awards, and here are the results, decided by myself:

This website is always updated regularly with detailed news about everything which is going on. It's very reliable and accurate - well done Brad!

The layout on this website is simply fantastic! It looks amazingly professional and is usually equiped with an animated banner. Well done!

This website always has detailed, interesting posts up, always accompanied with pictures making them easy to read. They are always full of information too, well done Sylar!

Ro, the owner of Children of TARDIS, is very welcoming and is always nice to her visitors. Although the website is going through a rocky patch at the moment, I'm urging her not to shut it down! It's amazing!!

There was only really one contender for this award, and the winners are Will and Seb. Famous for their fantastic fan fictions, this website truly deserves the award. Well done you two!

Laser Screwdriver is a fantastic source for graphics and contains some amazing icons and blends. I really love the layout as well, it's brilliant all around! Ianto would be proud! Well done Meg!

This website always has amazing banners up - I always envy how great they are! The owner is incredibly talented and deserves this award. Well done!

It seems that whenever I visit this website, there's a new post up of some sort. It's a truly unique website which is a firm favourite of mine. Well done Combom!

This website has lots of information which is always highly accurate and well thought out. Kyle clearly spends plenty of time planning and preparing all his posts, and it shows. Well done!

This was a tough one to decide, but after I realised this website is the first one I visit everyday, it had to win. The Bad Wolf TV, run by Rhianna, has great news posts, amazing content and great features on the homepage. Well done!

Other Entries

There were many other entries who sadly didn't quite win, but here's a quick note about each of the websites:

Doctor Who Big Fan - this website has a fantastic layout as well as many brilliant pages to view.

Doctor Who 24 Updated - this website nearly won the Best Layout award - it looks fantastic!

Doctor Who Hideout - another fantastic layout for this website, it really does look amazing!

Doctor Who Madness - this is another great website, full of the latest news and updates.

Tardis Travels - this website came very close to winning an award! It has a great layout and the content is fantastic.

Dr Who Online - I loved the layout for this website, it was another close contender. It also has a great range of content.

Time Shift - this is a great website with plenty of content.

Time Lord Central - a cool Blogger website with plenty of features.

Absolutely Doctor Who Designs - this is a brilliant website with some fantastic graphics!

Into the Vortex - another amazing layout with loads of fantastic content.

Thanks to everyone for entering.


Sylar said...

Wow Becky!! Thanks so much for the award!! :D It's really appreciated!!

UDW :)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the award :D Appreciated !! And an extra ty for the lovely comments about both me and the site :D

Meg said...

Thankyou so much! Wowiee, this will be displayed proudly on my site..."Ianto would be proud" Yay!

Thanks again :D

Will said...

Thanks Beccala! :-P

Eliott said...

Well done everyone who won and will try again next year it looks like

MDWM said...

Thanks for the award Becky! :D I'm going to put it on my awards page soon :)

Thanks again :)


Kate said...

Could you provide links for the blogs themselves? I tried clicking them but it just linked to the award images.