Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New DWM Issue

The 411th issue of DWM is out on Thursday 23rd July, and the cover can be seen below. It obviously contains an interview with Tom Baker, as well as all the usuals. It will be available at all good newsagents at a RRP of £3.99.

Thanks to Sylar for the cover!


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

This looks good, but is he back in the official series, Children in Need? Only time will tell!

Bigwhofan said...

I did find a sourse about a Children in Need Special... But I think i'll keep it quiet for the mean time.

Rhi said...

I might get this, not sure. I only usually get Doctor Who Magazine's if there's important spoiler info inside!

By the way, the 11 Doctors ARE NOT returning for CIN, but they're planning something for CIN I think.


Anonymous said...

Very nice cover for DWM ^^

Tom's returning? WOW, cool :P Hope he is :D He's a gr8 Doctor !!!!