Wednesday, 22 July 2009

More Filming Pictures

As filming continues, many more interesting things are just waiting to be pointed out:

The Doctor seems to have a new sonic screwdriver! Or is it just a similar one to River Song's in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead? Perhaps he's about to give it to her?

River Song appears to be in handcuffs in this picture; is she a prisoner? Has she done wrong?

Also, on one picture there is a piece of paper, on which the word 'Byzantium' is printed. Back in the Series 4 episodes that River Song first appeared in, she said, "crash of the Byzantium, have we done that yet?" So, could this be it?

Thanks to Combom and Rhianna for the pictures and info.

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Rhi said...

Thanks for the credit, I love the updates! I'm nipping down to Southerndown tomorrow to see if I can grab some pics!