Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Waters of Mars Clip/Pictures!

It's all been about Torchwood lately, but now two new pictures and a clip from The Waters of Mars, the next Doctor Who special, have been revealed and can be seen below:


Kate said...

uoohh, scaaarry. That clip freaked me out, especially the last bit.

charlotte said...

ok from this i am able to extend my theory that the ice warriors are behind this. they once lived on mars but it got too hot for them so if this is all set on mars then they could be using this water-thing to make the whole planet moist enough for it all to freeze easily. you could also think about the water having a part in the water cycle for which it will evaporate then be precipitated back down to mars as snow hence the snow in some of the fan photos. the reason i think it is ice warriors is that the cracks on the mouths resemble that of the ice warriors a little.

Rhi said...

Ooooh, scary! This looks set to be the scariest episode in Doctor Who ever. That pic of the possessed person scared the life out of me when it suddenly appeared on my screen. I can't believe we still have to wait for Doctor Who! Life without Doctor Who is like, chips without curry sauce! Adelaide doesn't really appeal to me somehow. I reckon she's too old for all this. I'm glad that she's not the new companion, and Karen Gillan is! Anyway, love the updates!

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