Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief

Today, Friday the 13th, is Red Nose Day! You've probably been surrounded by a flurry of red all day long, and it's nearly time for the official show to broadcast on BBC One. Remember, David Tennant is presenting for the first hour alongside Davina McCall and they will both be starring in a special Mastermind. Also, there is a special Sarah Jane Adventures sketch with Ronnie Corbett and the Slitheen. There are rumours there will be a Planet of the Dead teaser, too. Enjoy the night of fun and don't forget to donate to charity, it's for a great cause.


Doctor Who Mad Online said...


charlotte said...

i have seen the sja spesh and i think it was aimed at 10- children as it was so lame. it does no justice for sja.

Little Miss said...

Nice post! I watched Red Nose Day, and I liked the SJA special, even though it was quite short.

Marianna AKA Little Miss
The Time Vortex

Will said...

Comic Relief was amazing! I watched it till one in the morning! Woop woop! Bet you loved the David Tennant snog Bex! :P

Will and Seb
The Avatar Proclamation
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Mandy said...

David was hilarious, loved his snog with davina! The site is looking awesome, love the new look! :D

Miss Gallifrey said...

Loved Red Nose Day. I only watched it until midnight, and then I got tired. David snogged Davina. Hope you don't mind me saying this, but Davina is a lucky *******!!!!

Miss Gallifrey
The Bad Wolf TV