Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Quick Little Update

Just a quick little update here to say I'm staying at Blogger for the moment. Thanks for all the supportive comments, it's good to know people actually like the site! Maybe I will move in the future, Who knows... Anyway, there may not be as many updates over the next few weeks as my exams are approaching (eek!) and I just don't feel like updating every day. I will reveal the results for the Caption Competition tomorrow and will restart 5 a day sometime in the future. Sorry if I've irritated anyone with the lack of new stuff.


Sylar said...

Glad to know your staying!! :D Exams are annoying, any with good luck with thr site in future!

Ultimate Doctor Who

Sylar said...

Sorry that comment was a bit messed up with all the Grammar mistakes, LOL

Totally TARDIS said...

How could you
Blogger is Sh*t

Miss Gallifrey said...

Glad to hear you're staying Becky! I prefer Blogger to Piczo.