Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Future Companions?

Rumours have been flying around about who the Doctor's next companion will be during the 5th Series. The main name at the moment is Hannah Murray, a star of Skins. She has worked before with the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, during a theatre production of That Face.

In other news, it has been rumoured that Anna Friel, star of Pushing Daisies (pictured left), might be starring in The Sarah Jane Adventures as "an evil zombie life-sized doll" that Sarah Jane and the gang encounter. Also, it has been confirmed that the Slitheen will return (again) during the Comic Relief Sarah Jane Adventures special, airing this Friday.


The Acrobatic Flea said...

Anna Friel would make a perfect companion for the Doctor - she should be considered for that role instead!

Will said...

Anna Friel is a good actress, and would make a great companion. Hannah Murray is excellent on Skins, but I can't picture her in another other role than Cassie. Nice post :)

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree: Anna should appear in Doctor Who as a full-time companion.

But an appearance in SJA, if it is true, would be gr8 also :)

Miss Gallifrey said...

Anna looks great to play the part of a role in SJA. She would be brilliant in Doctor Who though as a companion. :) Hannah Murray looks good for the role, but I can't really imagine her in the companion's role. Nice post.

Miss Gallifrey
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