Friday, 20 March 2009

Piper/Agyeman/Simm/Tate Returning?

Here's what the Sun (may not be true!!) have had to say:

Billie Piper will return to Doctor Who with all the Time Lord’s former companions as part of David Tennant’s final episode. Billie, 26, will again play Rose Tyler and teams up with other sidekicks Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman).

The trio will join forces to take on the Doctor’s revived arch-enemy The Master, played again by John Simm. The episode sees the Timelord regenerate into the new Doctor (Matt Smith). An insider said: “This will be the most exciting episode Doctor Who have ever done. We really wanted to get all the companions back on board as a fitting send-off to David.

“And of all the enemies for him to face in his final episode it makes sense for The Master to be the main one. Getting Billie to agree is a real coup, but she loved working on the show so much it didn’t take much convincing.”

The red London bus set to feature in the first special has been damaged in Dubai by schoolkids. The double decker, which was smashed up shortly after arriving in Arab state for filming, was stripped for “souvenirs” after producers parked it outside a school. A show source said: “This really is the unluckiest bus in the universe.”


Miss Gallifrey said...

I doubt this is true, but if it is, there was no point in Journey's End! :P

Miss Gallifrey
The Bad Wolf TV

Will said...

This seems very familier to The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, but it would be nice to have Rose back, again.

Will and Seb
The Proc
Primatech Paper

Will said...

And, and and and! What about Donna? Surely it's impossible for her to come back?

I can't be bothered to write it all out, look above. :P

Emma said...

It seems impossible for Donna to ome back, but as Catherine stated in the DR who mag anythings possible in Sci-Fi