Saturday, 28 March 2009

Lack of Updates

Just to warn anyone who visits, there may not be as many updates lately for many different reasons. Expect posts once every 2 days until next week, where the Planet of the Dead mania will begin. Also, on April 1st, everything will be updated and some new pages will be added so some of you may look forward to that.

If you get bored of this site, why not visit some of the recommended sites on the sidebar? They are all high quality sites and are worth a visit.


Will said...

Why would we get bored of this site? Becky, you are mental!

Will and Seb
The Proc
Primatech Paper

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Don't be so silly, get bored of this site? How could we get bored of this site? This is a great site which I check about three times a day. Oh, thanks for adding me to the recommended sites, but yours is just as high quality, if not better than others. Can't wait for April Fools Day, you are serious about the pages right?