Friday, 6 March 2009

Next Special at Christmas

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed that the second special after Planet of the Dead will be shown at Christmas 2009. This has caused plenty of arguments as fans of the show have to wait a whole 7 months without any new Doctor Who episodes. This is a long time, but we're lucky we have DVD boxsets and repeats on channels like Watch... So what do you think of this date? Is it too big a gap or can you wait?


DanDan said...

i think its a too big of a gap....i thought it would have been halloween at the latest with an xmas n new year special to finnish....shame, and with torchwood only being 5 episodes this series all shown in a week, theres not much to keep us goin =(

Miss Gallifrey said...

A really big gap, but at least we have Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 to keep us busy! :)

adv said...

I thought the whole point was to have 4 specials in 2009. So it probably isn't now :( If we have this one and then another two around new year, than that will be awful. A bit like a mini-series! I thought that they were to spread them over the whole year, so wouldn't that be more sensible???

Will said...

So will it go Planet of the Dead at Easter, then the Lindsay Duncan special at Christmas, or Planet of the Dead at Easter, the Lindsay Duncan special around the middle of 2009, then the next special at Christmas? I'm confused... :P

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TOCS said...

OWNER: I think Planet of the Dead at Easter, and then the Lindsay Duncan one at Christmas with the other two specials following soon. The final two-parter may be on over 2 consecutive days, it depends. :)

Will said...

Ooooh thanks!

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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I don't mind that, I hope it is worth the wait. I think Bex is right in saying the last two may be shown over two days.

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