Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Casting News

This may be old news, but it hasn't been posted on many places so I thought I should. Two new cast members have been revealed and they are former Neighbours star Peter O'Brien and model Gemma Chan, seen in the picture to the left and filming below. According to a source, Gemma will be playing a character called Mia Bennett during the one of the specials.

Also, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, O'Brien said that he will be playing a villain in an episode, part of David Tennant's final story, and it will be set on Mars. Sounds interesting...


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great, I hadn't red this. Thanks for posting!

Will said...

So is he in two episodes?

Will and Seb
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Miss Gallifrey said...

Wow. I know they're pretty famous and all, but I've never heard of them! :) Thanks for adding The Bad Wolf TV on your recommended sites list!

Miss Gallifrey
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